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Gill Bustamante – Artist

Hello! I am a professional artist based in Sussex and am known for my large, original semi abstract, contemporary landscape paintings which blend the near-abstract with the traditional. I did an art foundation course at Chelsea in 1979 and completed a fine art degree in Brighton in 1983. I have painted since I was three. It is the thing I am best at and it always makes me happy. I paint 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes for 5 hours at a time. I am very lucky and I know it.

My painting style is a fusion of Expressionist, Impressionist, Semi-abstract, Art Nouveau and something I term ‘memory impressionism’. This is where I go walking somewhere rural, look at and absorb the things I see and experience, and then come home and try to capture an ‘echo’ of the place from memory including any wildlife I may have seen.

I try to capture the essences of nature and landscapes – especially in ancient places like England. There is magic in this world that many people don’t get a chance to see if they live in cities. I see it and I like to share it.

I like to think that paintings have ‘little souls’ woven into them by artist’s and that these are what call to a viewer (or not as the case may be) and give a painting presence and desirability. My paintings call to those who similarly like to look beyond the material alone.

My driving ambition is to paint a way out of this universe and into a better one which is why most of my artwork features pathways, portals, and little mysteries.

One day I will disappear and you will know I have succeeded… Gill J

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