Information about @rt Market Direct


What is @rtmarketdirect?

@rt Market Direct is a space where fine artists can showcase their work and sell it.  If is a free market.  That means it is not curated.  Decisions about whether a piece of work 'fits' with our portfolio do not take place.  

Artists are self-selecting.  Artists decide what they want to sell and for how much.  

As well as enabling artists to sell original works, prints, sculptures and conceptual installation pieces; its also a place where opportunities for commissions can be sold.

The concept only works if artists use it, talk about it to their relatives, friends, contacts and collectors.  URL links need to be shared on social media and in the signature of emails.    In this way, our community will grow!

Unlike many similar online marketplaces, the owner of @rt Market Direct (who is an artist) has committed to applying only a 20% commission from gross turnover.  That means 80% of all turnover figures are driven back to the artists promoted on the site.

Once you have been verified, it's easy to make a listing, connect your Paypal account and hey presto, you have your own online gallery space!

In rare but not exceptional circumstances, stopped & stared will approach artists to see if they need representation and listing in the main stopped & stared gallery.  For most however, @rt Market Direct is all they want and need.