Alina Run-Latowska

Łukasz Łepik born in 1987 in Silesia is presenting a new trend in painting to the Young European Art.

In its overcoloured, acryl form

it makes up an arrogant provocation of generally acceptable grey perception of the world.

Despite the fact that the very artist avoids labelling his masterpieces, it may be assumed that they make up the common denominator of the New Expression and Postmodernism.

After travelling in Europe for a couple of years, the time which has also been the wandering of the artist deep inside him, he stopped for a moment in Gliwice,

where he runs the author’s gallery of paintings.

However, despite the apparent stagnation, the history is only starting.

His works make up the draught of fresh air of the new art adepts.

Here comes the “new”.

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