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    Mixer media on paper. 30 x 30 cm
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    Wild nature

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    Mixer media on paper 50 x 70 cm
  • Roundism – 17-09-18 This is the fourth drawing of model Julia Gómez Alivés in which I combined my roundism with colors. I washed them a little bit with a Sakura water brush that works like a fountain pen. I am not a great watercolorist and since this technique is pretty new to me these watercolor pencils allowed me to take a position between a colored pencil drawing and a watercolour painting. Perhaps I do more in the future. Watercolor pencil drawing (Faber Castell – Albrecht Dührer) on Strathmore Drawing paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm - A4 format) Artist: Corné Akkers
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  • Ethel was executed in 1953...she was innocent...she was at the eye of the storm of Mccarthyism....an icon...this drawing is taken from a rare photo of her during WW2..I love her look of determination and bravery...and the fact that the profile shot is portent of her looking bloated and stressed in her horrible, pitiless mugshot a decade later...her children have rightly been tireless in their efforts to have her rightfully exonerated...a great shame Obama got close but ultimately didn't have the balls to do it...or stand up to Assad either, for that matter
  • Joe Strummer taught me to skin up...I met him in London at a Free Concert in the summer of 73.....we became good friends....he spied on the hard right....lots of Nazis in London in the 70's ....we started Rock Against Racism....this is how I remember Joe before the Clash...baby faced
  • Graphite on printmaking paper prepared with acrylic and collaged printed lithography ink.
  • Original mixed media drawing on Rives BFK paper.
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