• marsh harrier over salisbury pain acrylic paint on canvas board size 10.6cm x 50.8cm
  • barn owl

    barn owl A3 size acrylic paint on textured paper no frame
  • red kite

    red kite A3 size acrylic paint on textured paper no frame
  • little robin in the garden A3 size acrylic paint on textured paper no frame
  • acrylic paint on canvas board 10.6cm x 50.8cm
  • wizzard

    acrylic on canvas
  • last post

    acrylic on canvas 5cm x 4cm
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    Pink cloud

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    Original oil painting, landscape on canvas
  • Out of the Forest is a large oil painting, 36x48x1.5 inches, of a view through the trees of the Ashdown Forest in Sussex to the heathland and fields beyond. It was inspired by the fact that I live very close to the forest and often walk there. The reality of this painting is a little strange. I wanted it to contrast being ‘realistic’ as well a little abstract and have therefore experimented by adding extra shapes and layers and hinting at other things but without losing the overall feeling of a warm golden space under the pine trees contrasted against the colder colours, blues and green of the landscape beyond. To the right of the painting a small deer stag can be seen looking back at us. He is quite well hidden. As a regular walker, I am fascinated by how much landscapes change at different times of day and in different seasons and wanted to try and capture this ever changing reality. I also enjoy spotting the deer who are always there but are clever at hiding. I like the ambiguousness of this painting. It is inviting and yet odd and I find it much more interesting than a traditional landscape painting. It feels like a place that may have a portal to some other universe… White edges, does not need a frame, ready to hang. See video about it: https://youtu.be/G4XSmW_8qfc
  • Spellbound Summer is a 30x30inches original oil painting on canvas of a white owl flying over a summer meadow full of wildflowers. The owl is seen against deep green and blue trees and appears to be flying through a gold transparent veil as she brings a touch of magic to the meadow. There is magic in nature and when I walk through a summer field especially, I see abundant life and activity. A summer field is nature’s internet - wherever you look something is trying to be noticed. That exuberance is what inspired this painting. The painting style is semi abstract as I have blurred the edges and added details towards the centre to give an idea of zooming into the landscape. I like this effect as it is like a snapshot of a memory with some emotions added and fits with my desire to make paintings like little windows that you can escape to whenever you need to! Dedicated to all the ramblers and dog owners I meet when out walking. Painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, no frame needed. I made two short videos of the creation of this painting which you can see here: https://youtu.be/ENfm_GWU7wU and https://youtu.be/Jm-Jpa2N2bs
  • Gentle Souls

    Gentle Souls is 40x40x1.4 inches large contemporary, semi abstract, art nouveau painting with two spotted fallow deer in a woodland clearing in winter. Both deer stand on a different plane and around them are abstract trees that hint of pine trees and frosty tree branches. There is a suggestion of a hazy sun above tree line and hills in the top right. The two female deer have appeared in a strange space that hints of the heart of a forest but is overlapping in possibilities with transparent layers. The colours range from white and cream through to pale yellow, blues, violets, orange and pinks. The inspiration for the painting came having seen the herd of deer at Knole Park in Kent. I was struck by how elegant and perfect these little deer are, and simply wanted to express this. I chose a semi abstract background as it allows me freedom that contrasts with the traditional handling of the deer. Above to the right is a suggestion of a moon. I like the mystery of this painting and I am happy I have caught some of the essence of the deer who remain a constant source of fascination for me. I often see them when walking and are always amazed at how such relatively large creatures can appear and disappear with such apparent ease. It is quite magical. The painting is on deep edge canvas, white edges, no frame needed, ready to hang. See Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQiauXzoKYk
  • Realm of the Ravens is a 40x40x1.5 inches large oil painting of a flock of ravens in flight against a golden sunset behind winter trees. The background is blurred, semi abstract and slightly magical, whilst the ravens are carefully painted in the foreground to give a feeling of depth. The ravens flap and caw as ravens do and although they have a woodland behind them, they are also moving into another realm through the hint of veils which they pass through. One of the ravens is white and the rest reflect the colours that you can see in black ravens of blues, greens and deep violets. Ravens fascinate me as they follow you and report to each other when you are in their territory. A collection of ravens is apparently called a ‘conspiracy’ which seems apt sometimes especially as they seem to laugh at the antics of mammals and humans. The inspiration for this painting is the winter woodland I see around Sussex and the ravens themselves who definitely know something I don’t about the landscapes I walk in. The painting has white edges, is ready to hang, no frame needed. https://youtu.be/8nXcgvD0BHo
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    Epiphany is a large oil painting 40x40x1.5 inches in very thick Van Gogh type paint of a dark forest and a beautiful sunny clearing beyond it.
  • The Chalk Path is an oil painting of a winding white chalk path through the Sussex countryside in springtime. It is 30x30x1.5 inches and was painted from my memory as I recalled a walk up the South Downs near Ditchling last spring. The path winds through fields and meadows and wildflowers up towards the ridge of hills that make up the Downs in the distance. There is a pink and purple blossom tree on the left among the hedgerows and gorse bushes. The edges of the painting are blended and blurred and the centre of it has bigger and bolder brush strokes to give the feeling of looking into a memory and drawing you into the landscape. One of the things that makes me love paintings is the fact that you can be somewhere else in an instant when you look at one. I liked being here and I am happy that I have captured a moment of my life that I loved and hopefully will make a few other people happy too. Painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang. https://youtu.be/8hKLYs2BOHE
  • Spring Orchard is an original oil painting of pink and white apple blossom trees in an orchard by a stream. The inspiration for the painting was of an orchard I found last May near Forest Row in Sussex. The style is contemporary, art nouveau and expressionistic was and was made by blending thick layers of paint over and over again and adding more and more colours and paint daubs until the paint is extra thick in the centre. I kept the edges blurred to help with the effect of it being a painting of a memory. The colours are pale greens, whites and pinks. This place was magical and I wanted to capture a little of the moment. I would not have been surprised to see mythical creatures appear in the fields beyond the stream but instead was happy just to listen to the birds who love May even more that I do. This painting is 30x30x1.5 inches and is painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, no frame needed. https://youtu.be/X1OsVWyDsOI
  • acrylic paint on textured paper A3 size no frame
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    The White Hart’s Portal

    $1,301.46 $1,170.66
    The White Hart’s Portal is an original oil painting of a white deer stag appearing out of an abstract landscape (30x30x1.5 inches). The white deer looks to his right across the strange pale yellow and amethyst land. Behind him are trees that are weaving together as if they unknotted to allow him through. This is his portal (doorway) to elsewhere. The paint is thick and textured but the stag himself is carefully painted to contrast with the oddness of the environment he finds himself in. If I had to choose an animal that could possibly move between worlds, it would be deer. This particular deer is a real one and he lives at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey where I stalked him one day to get photos of him. Painted on 3D canvas, edges white, ready to hang.
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    The Glade is an original oil on canvas Sussex landscape painting of a green woodland glade by a stream next to apple blossom trees in springtime. It is 24x30x0.75 inches. The outer edges of the painting have been deliberately blurred so that the viewer is drawn into the centre to see the blossom trees growing by a riverbank. The centre of the painting is painted in more definite brush strokes which gives a sharper 3D effect. The blossom is white and pink and behind them you can see a field and the suggestion of more trees in the distance. It looks a little like a fairy tale but this was me playing that down (believe it or not). The inspiration for this painting was an actual place near where I live between Forest Row and Hartfield. It is the view of a small stream that runs into the Medway River a bit further along. The colours are muted greens, pinks, yellows and white. It is painted on thin canvas with white edges. A frame would complement it but is not necessary. Video: https://youtu.be/EzRd2qyjZU4
  • Portent

    Portent, original, square oil painting, autumn landscape path, sunset, deer stag, Ashdown Forest, Crowborough Sussex, Kent, woodland animals, ethereal, appear, vanish, spirit guides, enchanted, mystery, magic, fairy tale, ancient landscapes, trees, forest clearings, Gill Bustamante paintings, sussex artist, local artist, inspirational paintings, spiritual paintings, mystical woodland paintings, forests and trees, woodland scenes, forests and trees, woodland scenes, fairy tale landscapes, semi-abstract landscape, forests, nature, abstract, original paintings, countryside
  • April Echoes

    April Echoes is a large green woodland contemporary landscape oil painting of a distant lake seen through the trees of a woodland path. The painting is mostly made up of shades of bright green ranging from yellow greens through to dark viridians, purples and blues. The saplings and trees are dressed in the bright vibrant greens of springtime in England. This painting was inspired by a walk I took around Ardingly reservoir in Sussex. Woodland paths are a very constant source of inspiration for me as you never know where they will lead and what is across the next field, through the next wood and over the next style. It is exciting and you often come across deer, birds and other woodland creatures which adds to experience. This painting was made by blurring the edges of it to look out of focus whilst making the paint thicker and thicker towards the centre. The white of the glimpse of the lake is thickest of all which gives a 3D feeling of walking the path thought the trees and past the foxgloves and other woodland flowers. I dedicate this to everyone who is waiting for the grey winter to give way to spring again. Painted on 3D canvas, white edges, ready to hang, no frame needed. Video at: https://youtu.be/3wWrVzpRzxI
  • Memory of Spring is a 40x40x1.5 inches large semi abstract oil painting of an English bluebell wood in springtime. It was inspired by the bluebells, wildflowers and pink blossom you see in patches of woodland around Sussex in April and May every year. Although it is contemporary in painting style, it still hints quite well at the flowers and yellow green saplings and trees of spring. It was painted from memory, as most of my landscapes are, as that tends to distill the composition and details right down to simplicities making the feeling of the painting and the magical element of forests and trees more prevalent than the botanical details. I love the fairy tale ancient landscapes of England and the magic quality you can find in forest clearings and fields and I never tire of trying to capture this fascination in the paintings that I make. The painting has white edges, ready to hang, no frame needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1vLQRtLpnE
  • Assembling Horse is a large original equine oil painting (47x32x0.5 inches) of an art nouveau, semi abstract, golden purple horse assembling out of nothing. The inspiration for this painting was simply that I find horses very beautiful and I sometimes just need to indulge in painting one just to feel happy. This horse is being created out of golden particles assembling out of the ether. I like this idea as all life forms are basically assembled from smaller particles so all I am doing here is showing the process in a more fanciful way. The horse is painted realistically around the eye and parts of its face in contrast to other parts of her which are partially formed, transparent or decorated for no particular reason other than it looks pleasing to me. The colours range through dark blue, purples, lilacs, golds and pinks and is thin and transparent in places and thick in others which further add to the idea of the horse in the process of appearing. I am a great fan of the artist Gustav Klimt and this possibly shows in this painting as he too liked to contrast realistic with abstract and decorativeness in the way that I am doing here. It is painted on thin canvas, edges white, ready to hang.
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    Spirit of Spring, 40x40x1.5 inches oil on canvas of a blue stag in a spring wood. The blue stag stands to the right looking back at us. He is forming out of the forest and the hint of bluebell and woodland flowers in and around him. He is transparent in some places and corporeal in other, hence the name spirit of spring. He was born in the forest, eats the product of it and is therefore created to a degree by it. The landscape itself is semi abstract and is mostly of the blues and greens you see in English woodland in April and May. I painted it after walking in woodland in the Sussex area and tried to capture the sheer abundance of new life I saw while walking. I love the colours and scent of bluebells and other wildflowers and the enthusiasm that nature has at that time of year. I did not see the stag but I did hear him bellowing (which was scary). Clearly I was in his forest and he was letting me know. Spring as a season fascinates me as it vibrates with an exuberant energy as every plant, insect, bird and animal goes into action. I tried to capture this feeling in this painting and am pleased with the result. The stag is there because the deer are the kings and queens of the wood. The canvas is deep edge, white edges, ready to hang, no frame needed.
  • Crystal Sea Angels is 40x40x1.5 inches large oil painting of an underwater seascape of three queen angel fish swimming in formation. The three fish swim like ballet dancers and are intent on a purpose we cannot see. The surface of the blue sparkling water of the ocean can be seen above them rippling in small waves and the light twinkles through the waves and makes fleeting patterns on the rippled sandy seabed. The sand is multi-coloured like the sands around Barbuda and Barbados where pink coral has coloured the sand pink. I chose the angel fish for this composition because they are beautifully coloured and look as if the back ground of the pink sand and the turquoise blue sea was made just for them. Which possibly it was. This is another in a series of underwater seascapes that I have been painting with very fond memories of snorkelling in the Caribbean. I paint one of these every year as winter draws in to help me retain the essence of summertime and holiday feelings. It is painted on deep edge canvas, edges white, ready to hang.
  • Seeing Beyond

    Seeing Beyond is 48x36x1.5 inches large oil on canvas painting, semi abstract art nouveau style dreamscape. The painting shows a view through a golden curtain where the gap is forming a distorted number eight or infinity symbol. Through this shape there is a white stag looking out over a lake with a waterfall and blossom trees all around him. Up in the tree on the left is a white raven. The gold curtain is transparent so you can see this other world through it. I have always believed in other universes and other realities and this is a painting that tries to show this in an aesthetically pleasing way (I hope). The white stag and the white raven are there to add a little a mystery and have their own story to tell. I am particularly happy with the change in colours between the gold curtain which is quite warm and colder colours of the landscape beyond as it adds another aspect again to a slightly strange fairy tale type painting. It is painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang. https://youtu.be/LkZdPykA32Q
  • The Herald

    The Herald is a large, 36x48x1.5 inches, oil on canvas painting of a red deer stag in an autumn forest. The painting takes the viewer down a path through the autumn trees with vibrant coloured bracken and leaves to either side. The stag stands to the left watching. He is the herald of autumn and he has made his claim on the autumn forest. At the end of the path the light shines through the trees so brightly that you can't see what is beyond them. But it is something beautiful. The colours are very bright autumn colours ranging from deep purple through to wine, orange, yellow, lilac and blue. It has been built up using thick, generous layers of paint and is expressionist and expressive in style. I painted it after a few October walk in the Ashdown Forest where I saw these colours in the trees and heather and ferns as well as the occasional deer spotted in the distance. It is painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang, no frame needed.
  • sea harrier jump jet 40cm x 50cm acrylics on canvas
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