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    Chasing a Dream, abstract oil painting, vibrant, rainbow colours, path through a wood, light in the distance, ancient path, woodland, East Grinstead, countryside, walks, mysterious places, brightly coloured, abstract, expressionist, free style, path through a forest, light shining through the trees, glowing white doorway, somewhere fantastic, walking in woodland, fields, flowers, wildlife, magic, clearing, landscape painting, Sussex forest path, autumn path Gill Bustamante paintings, inspirational paintings, spiritual paintings, woodland path, Mystical woodland paintings, fairy tale landscapes, semi abstract landscape, nature, rural paintings, paintings of trees, deer paintings, Sussex Weald, ancient woodland, fairy tales,
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    Forest Wraiths is a 48x36x1.5 inches large semi abstract oil painting of red deer in a pale forest. A stag and two female deer stand in a clearing in a mystical forest and seem to be winking in and out of existence. The colours are fresh and neutral and muted with white veils and pale yellows, lilacs and blues. The painting style is a fusion of art nouveau, traditional and abstract and was made by building lots of transparent layers of paint over each other with the aim of making the scene not quite of this world but not too far removed from it either. Deer have a way of appearing and then vanishing, especially in woods and forests and this idea is hinted at in this painting. I also wanted to catch an impression of light through the trees with a little touch of the gold of a sunset - though not in a 'realistic' way. It is more hint of different realities slightly overlapping each other to give an element of magic. I live near the Ashdown Forest so though I often see deer, always find it thrilling. Painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang.
  • kings troop royal horse artillery on the move  acrylic on textured paper 42cm x 30cm not framed
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    Summer Playground is a 40x40x1.4 inches large semi abstract oil on canvas of a summer meadow with wildflowers and swallows. I painted it after a walk through fields and farmland between Hartfield and Ashurstwood in Sussex on a very hot July day. There was wheat and barley and corn growing in the fields and at the edges there were a myriad of wildflowers growing. Insects were buzzing and the birds were singling and calling in the trees of the hedgerows and patches of woodland. One particular meadow had swallows flying up and down incredibly fast using the thermals which made them even faster than they usually are. They were not doing it for any obvious reason other than it was fun I think. I am happy at the way the colours on this painting merge and seem to melt together slightly as it is reminiscent of the heat of this day and has captured it well for me. I can hear the birds and the insects, smell the crops and the flowers and remember how happy it makes me feel. England in summer is fleeting and sunny days are a minority so it is good to catch them when they occur which I think I have done. The painting has white edges and is ready to hang. It does not need a frame. Video at: https://youtu.be/wreKAJHQ5q8
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    Evening on the river

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    Original oil painting, landscape on linen canvas
  • Horse Metamorphosis is a 31.5 x 47x.0.5 inches large contemporary red oil painting of beautiful gold Arabian horse against an abstract bright red background. The golden horse dances in the foreground inside a dark forest with mottled light falling in patches on the path out towards the clearing. The path leads out of the woods and into a glowing summer wildflower meadow. Veils of transparent bright red hang over the scene as the horse begins to emerge from that world into a different one. The painting was started years ago simply to reflect the happiness I get when looking at a beautiful horse but become something more when the red veils were added which gives it a real presence. The original message of the painting was that there is more to life than hiding in the dark. I think now the message is more that there are other realities and that is worth exploring them. It is painted on thin edged canvas painted red, ready to hang. See Video: https://youtu.be/RadVPQOxiNo
  • Original artwork. Painting by Lilia Orlova-Holmes. oil on canvas. 80x70x4cm.
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    Precious Tiger is a 30x30x1.5 inches +oil on canvas of a sinuous orange tiger slinking down a branch in an art nouveau contemporary abstract painting style. She is on a purple tree with lots of intricate branches weaving around her and golden light shines thought the tree behind her. The style is deliberately abstract and the tiger is stylized to make her slightly mystical as she sashays along her tree looking for something in the distance. Tigers are in trouble and may one day be mythical beasts. This one is ahead of the game and I painted her partly for the sheer pleasure all artists get from painting tigers, but also because I was thinking about their plight and wanting to make a space for a tiger to be safe. Hence the fairy tale space and golden light and sense that something is happening here that we don’t fully know about… Dedicated to all those fighting to save our beautiful wildlife. Keep fighting please. White edges, deep edge canvas, no frame needed, ready to hang. See video about Precious Tiger here: https://youtu.be/hWFC7HNlvBY
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