Tiger Haven is a 30x30x1.5 inches original oil painting on canvas of a blue eyed white tiger in an abstract winter landscape. The tiger is climbing a tree and is looking out over a pale landscape. This is her safe haven. The colours are pale and range through purples, pinks, peach and whites and the painting style is semi abstract and art nouveau with thick generous paint used to create the tiger herself. The scenery behind the tiger suggests a birch forest with a river running from a lake between two cliffs. This is another in a series of paintings where I am placing tiger’s in safe places where mankind and his ignorance cannot get at them. A painting is a small universe and often has its own life. I like to think that the more tigers I place beyond harm, the better off they will be in ‘real’ life! The painting is ready to hang, white edges, 3D style, no frame needed, comes with certificate of authenticity. Video at: https://youtu.be/a-3xl7QTruk