White winter Hart is a 40x40x1.5 inches large original oil painting on canvas of a white hart deer stag in a semi abstract winter landscape. The colours are muted and blurred behind the stag and there is a suggestion of snow and ice and of silver birch trees at sunset. Behind the hart (stag over 5 years old) there are trees tinged with gold and layers of fields and woodland rising up behind him. The effect is quite art nouveau and expressionist and the paint is thick and luscious. The colours range from pristine white through to yellow, gold, amethyst, turquoise, blues, reds and purple. This painting was inspired by a recent brief snowfall in Sussex near the village of Danehill which has ancient woodland paths and bridleways and rolling fields and gully’s between them. This hart is a red deer but the deer I actually saw on this day were Roe deer who are often found in large herds in this area watching you from the trees. I am very pleased with the colours and the real – not real effect of this painting which is as interesting to view close up as it is from a distance. The painting is ready to hang, has white edges and is on 3D deep edge canvas so no frame is needed.